< Healing Hands Sanctuary - Seichem and Usui Reiki complementary healing deeply relaxing, hands-on therapy which promotes healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Also Spritual and Intuitive Angel card Readings in the South West UK
Readings Face to Face In Person and Skype
Private Readings: In Person
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Face to Face Readings: Skype

30/40 minutes

These readings are offered here in the comfortable space of Healing Hands Sanctuary, where a warm welcome awaits you.

The first 10 is spent making yourself comfortable prior to the commencement of the reading. The reading itself takes approximately 20/30 minutes.

20/30 minutes

Are offered linking to you one to one. Which enables all those who are not within distance or who are unable to travel to Healing Hands Sanctuary.

Where in the first 5 to 10 minutes allows you to feel and make yourself comfortable with no distractions before reading commences.

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Reiki in Person

Session Including Full Chakra Balancing.

45/60 minutes.

These are always carried out Here at Healing Hands Sanctuary. Where you receive a warm welcome. First time visits are usually booked for one hour, the first 15 minutes are spent discussing how you can personally benefit from Reiki. Once session is completed, we then discuss how you feel and how Reiki will continue to be of benefit to you.

Sessions thereafter are usually approximately 45 minutes of which 15 minutes allows for assessment.

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Guided Meditation and Chakra Balance
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Skype Only

20/30 minutes.

For those who are unable to travel.

We also make available this service One to one, face to face.

By arrangement.

Mini Taster Session
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These too would be open to discussion

And by arrangement, in relation to Events.